Blade Inspection and repair services


Rotor blades are an asset every wind turbine owner should take a good care of. They do play a vital role and keeping it in the best possible condition brings back efficiency in return. We provide three well-known ways to inspect rotor blades – ROPE ACCESS method, DRONE method and GROUND BASED CAMERA method. All three methods do the job and brings in expected results. However, each client is different with its priorities and vision. That is why talk first, then come to a decision which method fits your needs the best.

Let’s get in touch and discuss what fits your individual needs the best.


Our highly skilled technicians have all the required certificates. What is more, they use certified equipment and ensures safe and detailed inspection.

Some of the detected damages can and will be repaired while inspecting it.

Every damage, even a minor crack will be documented and presented for you in a easy to read report.


UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) also known as Drone – can do high resolution photos of the blades                 and      help detect damages. If needed, Drone can also do thermographic photos which shows what is happening under the surface of the blade.

Our Drone pilots have licenses and more than 10.000 hours of experience. This, allows us to call them – professionals. Equipment we use (drones itself, cameras and other related accessories) are of the best quality.


Similar to Drone method, ground based camera does high resolution photos just form the ground. Photos can be zoomed in, and every centimeter can be examined thoroughly. Experienced camera man always evaluates light, to ensure the best quality of the photo with no shadowing.



Every time we have to inspect rotor blades, we think of it as our own property/asset.

We care about your rotor blades, the same as we care about ours. We always focus on long term relationships, therefore we do not leave space for mistakes and/or misunderstanding:

– Competitive price;
– Certified equipment;
– Highly skilled team of professionals;
– Detailed and easy to read.