INIKTI provides full service for wind energy projects, ensuring successful implementation of all technical issues since 2003. If you’re looking for highly qualified wind turbine professionals and competitive price, please contact us.

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INIKTI can help you to take care of your used wind turbines. Usually, there are two ways how we cooperate with partners who undergo repowering projects:

  • Second life for the turbine
    INIKTI develops wind parks in Lithuania, and for some of the projects, we reinstall used turbines. We are always looking for used turbines in good condition which can be transported to Lithuania, connected to the grid, and given a second life.
  • Spare parts and recycling
    INIKTI owns, operates, and maintains a few wind parks. We inspect used wind turbines and decide what parts to use again or send for recycling.
    Our team has all required certificates, follows safety rules, and uses certified equipment.

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INIKTI installs wind turbines of all types and models, handling project management from greenfield to commissioning. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in installing new and used Enercon, Vestas, Siemens, GE, and Nordex wind turbines.

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INIKTI has done numerous dismantling projects in different countries – mainly in Netherlands and Germany. We apply the highest standards for every operation, strictly respect all safety rules, use certified equipment and follow the guidance of local municipalities. Once we finish dismantling, we either reinstall the wind turbine for the second life, use it for spare parts or recycle it.

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INIKTI has developed its SCADA software for monitoring and reporting purposes. We gained know-how and experience over 10 years in various projects in different countries. Our technicians have up-to-date certificates and keep improving their skills and knowledge. INIKTI can offer Asset Management or Operations and Maintenance services to run your wind parks and achieve the best possible results. There are two possible ways of cooperation: a full maintenance contract or operations and a maintenance service contract.

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Rotor blades are vital for wind turbine efficiency, and regular inspection can assure the timely reparation of any occurring damages. We use three well-known methods to inspect rotor blades – rope access, drone, and ground-based camera methods.

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We offer all related services to wind turbine installation or dismantling, including transport and logistics. We work with reliable partners that have great experience in transporting oversized cargo by land or sea and can ensure the best price.

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INIKTI wind provides early-stage project development services from green-field to construction permits. Our team searches for land plots suitable for wind turbine or solar panel construction and ensures all documentation processes run smoothly.

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