Rotor blades are vital for wind turbine efficiency, and regular inspection can assure the timely reparation of any occurring damages. We use three well-known methods to inspect rotor blades – rope access, drone, and ground-based camera methods.

  • Rope access method
    Certified INIKTI technicians ensure safe and detailed inspection: they repair detected damages if possible and provide an easy-to-read report of wind turbine condition.
  • Drone method
    We use an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone to take high-resolution pictures of the blades to detect damages. Drones can also provide thermographic photos to reveal harm that might appear inside the blade. Our Drone pilots have the highest quality material, licenses, and more than 10.000 hours of practice.
  • Ground-based camera
    With a ground-based camera, our technicians take high-resolution pictures from the ground. Zooming those pictures helps examine every centimeter thoroughly. Experienced cameramen ensure the best quality pictures.

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