Do you have plans to replace an old wind turbine with a new, more powerful one? INIKTI can help you to take care of your used wind turbines. Usually, there are two ways how we cooperate with partners who undergo repowering projects:

  • Second life for the turbine
    INIKTI develops wind parks in Lithuania, and for some of the projects, we reinstall used turbines. We are always looking for used turbines in good condition which can be transported to Lithuania, connected to the grid, and given a second life.
  • Spare parts and recycling
    INIKTI owns, operates, and maintains a few wind parks. We inspect used wind turbines and decide what parts to use again or send for recycling.
    Our team has all required certificates, follows safety rules, and uses certified equipment.

We work within the highest quality standards, fast-paced, and competitive prices.

Our Projects