Installation and full scope services of two Enercon E138 EP3 E2 with hybrid towers.

We are back in Germany! This time, our partners from Enercon have invited us to install two Enercon E138 EP3 E2, 4.2MW wind turbines. We’re excited to build them and provide full scope services such as DOS and grid connection. These impressive turbines have hybrid towers. These hybrid towers consist of a combination of concrete and steel components. As a result, the total hub height reaches an impressive 160 meters. Turbines have a massive rotor diameter of 138 meters.

Dismantling: Vestas V44

Inikti team dismantled one Vestas V44 wind turbine in Beltheim, Germany. This wind turbine was the first to be installed in this region with a strong contribution of local community.

Purchase and dismantling: 7 Enercon E66 1.8 MW

Inikti wind bought and dismantled 7 Enercon E66 1.8 MW wind turbines with 98 meter concrete&steel towers in Paderborn area, Germany. Those wind turbines will be used to increase our warehouse of spare parts and to bring more cost effective solutions to our wind turbines maintenance costumers.