We are offering two ways to cooperate:

By acquiring this contract you basically give your assets to our trusted hands to ensure technical and optimal operations. We begin by doing full inspection of your assets, analyzing every detail and every corner. Then we prepare a plan – what has to be done, when and how. Once the plan is in place, and our software is installed – we continue taking care of your investment and provide you with detailed, easy to read reports.

By acquiring this contract you get a trusted partner, who will make sure your turbines run smoothly. INIKTI technicians will offer the best possible solution for every situation. Preventative, corrective turbine repair and maintenance done in most efficient way. With the focus on fast reaction and short lead time we ensure minimal shutdown time of the turbines.

INIKTI has certified team of professionals providing top level service. We use our own developed software to monitor the condition of the turbines. Every error is noticed in time and optimal solution is carefully chosen. Technicians have up to date certificates and always improve their skills and knowledge in various seminars to keep the sharp mind.



Inikti has done numerous dismantling projects in different countries. We always apply highest standards for every operation we have to manage. Our team works under safety rules, use certified equipment and follows guidance of local municipalities on how certain works have to be done.


Is your maintenance contract coming to an end? Would you like to explore the options to extend it? Or maybe, you would like to check if services you are paying for, are done properly, in time and ensures optimal condition of your turbines?

INIKTI has developed its own SCADA software for monitoring and reporting purposes. We gained know-how and experience over 17 years of work in various projects carried out in different countries. Now, INIKTI can offer you full or partial Asset Management (AM) and Operations&Maintenance (O&M) services to run your wind parks and achieve best possible results.



Every time we have to inspect rotor blades, we think of it as our own property/asset.

We care about your rotor blades, the same as we care about ours. We always focus on long term relationships, therefore we do not leave space for mistakes and/or misunderstanding:

– Competitive price;
– Certified equipment;
– Highly skilled team of professionals;
– Detailed and easy to read.