Do you have plans to replace an old wind turbine with a new, more powerful one? INIKTI can help you to take care of your used wind turbines. Usually there are two ways how we cooperate with partners which undergo repowering projects:

  • SECOND LIFE for the turbine.
    INIKTI develops wind parks in Lithuania, and for some of the projects we re-install used turbines. Due to the fact that we develop our own parks, we always search for used, good condition turbines which can be transported to Lithuania, connected to the grid and given a second life.

INIKTI owns, operates and maintains few wind parks. We inspect used wind turbines every time and decide – what parts can be used again, what parts go straight to the recycling center.

Our team of professionals has all required certificates, always follow safety rules and use certified equipment. We work within highest QUALITY standards, FAST pace and COMPETITIVE prices.

If you have plans to do repowering, we are ready to help you in the following areas:

  • purchasing old wind turbines;
  • provide dismantling services;
  • provide recycling services;
  • provide transportation/logistics services.

INIKTI works in wind energy industry since 2003 and has the biggest wind farm in Lithuania. We have more than 15 years of experience with various project sizes and our service team are doing fantastic, professional work. INIKTI works in all countries and regions, 24/7.



Every time we have to inspect rotor blades, we think of it as our own property/asset.

We care about your rotor blades, the same as we care about ours. We always focus on long term relationships, therefore we do not leave space for mistakes and/or misunderstanding:

– Competitive price;
– Certified equipment;
– Highly skilled team of professionals;
– Detailed and easy to read.